Coupons from contacting companies!

by qtkleee151

Here is the list of coupons and freebies from complementing or complaining at companies.


Pepperidge farm recipes

Coupon for free Dannon 6-oz yogurt

2 coupons for free Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast item coupon

Free any size SunnyD product

Free any size St.Ives product (up to $5!)

Discount coupons:

3 $1 off Aveeno products

2 40 cents off Hot Pockets/Lean Pockets/Croissant Pockets

4 50 cents off Pepperidge Farm products

2 25 cents off Nestle chocolate candy item

2 Dannon 6 oz yogurt 25 cents off coupons

$2 off any Jane cosmetics full size item coupon

whole bunch of General Mills product coupons

Heinz product coupons