Surveys/Free Offer Companies I use!

by qtkleee151

There are so many survey and free offer sites around. Most of them are useless for people who don’t want to take 10 years and millions of clicks to get a $5 gift car to someplace they’ve never even heard of. I must admit, I’ve joined so many companies that eventually I have found there system to just not be worthwhile. These are a few sites I really like!–Different GC’s available twice every week in either $5 for 150,000 pts or $10 for 300,000 pts. It is REALLY easy to earn these points by just completing the bonus surveys they have all the time! The only bad part is, the gift cards are not guaranteed. You have to have the points available at a certain time (they change it) on a certain day and be VERY quick to get the gift cards. However, if you have a high-speed connection, Roboform, and are quick it shouldn’t be a hassle.Want to help me out? Then email me here and I’ll refer you. You must play at least 1 game a week for 2 weeks. Thanks! of the easiest sites to do free offers and surveys to rack up points. Once you have 1100 pts, you can get a $5 GC or save up for a higher amount. I have enough points for a $15 GC w/ extra pts left over. I haven’t been a member long either. Most of the free offers come from the emails they send, so just because there aren’t a lot listed on the site doesn’t mean they don’t have many.

Mypoints- A good site to earn points for GCs (value starting at $10 for about 1,400 pts) or charity donations. Most people use Mypoints for pts back for online purchases and the emails they send out daily with 5 pts to click, more pts to sign up, etc. Have $10 here so far.

Wrinsiders- for teens and children and the parents of teens and children. I LOVE this survey site! They do not send email alerts about surveys they have, but they post them to the site. I believe they post all the surveys they have their on your homepage, regardless of whether you will qualify or not or your profile answers. They almost always say who the survey is for (i.e survey for girls under 13) so if you don’t fit that profile you don’t have to click the link, or if you want the points at least you know what to say so you won’t get dropped. They have many rewards available, most geared for kids, but also including an Ipod, Guitar Hero pack, and Wal-Mart, Claire’s, and Amazon GCs. Also, they send things quickly (only 2-6 wks), have an order status page to track orders, and the pts req. is the same no matter if you request 5 $10 GCs or a $50 GC. Already have ordered $20 Amazon GC and I joined just last weekend!!!! Please enter referral code QTKLEEE151227 if you sign up! Thanks!




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